On the Water for Clean Water!

Hello Water Enthusiasts,

Global Water would like to partner with YOU for the “On the Water for Clean Water” Fundraising Program to help spread awareness of humanitarian water issues and raise funds for water and sanitation/hygiene projects for rural communities and schools in developing countries.

We all enjoy water-related activities (surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, boating, swimming, etc) in clean, unpolluted water.  However, findings show that over a billion people on the planet drink unsafe water every day of their lives and therefore will never live a healthy and productive life…that’s one in six of us! (Sambla.se)

Water is crucial for survival above all other resources on earth.  Without access to clean water, hunger, disease and poverty continues to paralyze rural communities throughout the developing world.  Worldwide hunger problems are commonly caused by water shortages and as much as 80% of fatal childhood diseases that kill children under the age of five worldwide are caused by drinking contaminated water.  Nothing changes a community like providing a source of clean water for the first time.  It creates a complete transformation as the community become healthier and more productive.  This is why we say water, alone, has the power to overcome hunger, disease and poverty throughout the world.

To support the “On the Water…for Clean Water” Fundraiser, as a group or team you may gather donations either through your membership or for a single sporting event.  If you work at an equipment rental company with water related merchandise, you may ask customers to contribute $1 per rental period or ask if they would round up their change associated with a purchase.  We’d like fundraising activities to occur during the summer months and we’ll be glad to brainstorm with you to come up with fundraising ideas specifically for your group or company.

Here are some things you should know about Global Water:  

  1. Founded in 1982, Global Water is an international, humanitarian non-profit organization.  We’re focused on creating safe water supplies, sanitation facilities and hygiene-related equipment for rural villages and schools in developing countries.
  2. We presently work in Central/South America (Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru) and Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Sierra Leone) and we want to expand our programs to other countries.  We empower local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and work through them to provide a local presence to our projects while aiding local economies in the countries where we work.  In particular, we support Peace Corps Volunteers who identify water and sanitation projects at rural schools in Central America.
  3. Projects vary in each country: for example, in Africa we’re focused on drilling wells because access to uncontaminated water is the greatest need in rural communities; in Central/South America, we develop a wide variety of facilities, such as: hand dug wells, spring protection/distribution systems and hand-washing stations for rural communities and schools.
  4. We can organize specific projects depending on a preferred location (Central/South America or Africa), or contribution level, or special requirement, such as supporting Peace Corps volunteer projects.
  5. Global Water is a volunteer-based organization which means most of us are non-salaried volunteers and donate our time. This allows us to put a higher percentage of money towards water projects than other non-profits.
  6. We are independently audited every year and will be glad to send you our most recent audit report.
  7. Our website, www.GlobalWater.org can provide additional information about us, our projects and water issues in the developing world.

What you receive from our Partnership:

  1. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the United States, Global Water provides you with the maximum tax deduction for your donation.
  2. Global Water will provide you with a press release describing your participation in the “On the Water for Clean Water” Program so you can receive free advertising each year through your local newspapers as well as use through social media.
  3. You’ll receive a Final Report after the completion of the projects funded specifically with “On the Water” funding.  It will include photos and details of who you helped and what was constructed and why.  This way you will know exactly where your donation goes and the impact it has in a rural community.
  4. You’ll receive a Humanitarian Participation Certificate for each yearly donation, suitable for framing.  We want you to show your members or customers that you are doing something positive towards solving the world’s humanitarian water crises.
  5. Global Water will support you with literature, presentation visuals/text and by answering your questions relating to the worldwide water crisis and the Global Water organization.

If you are interested in partnering with Global Water to help raise awareness or fundraising, please contact us to discuss:

Global Water Program Management Office

3600 S. Harbor Blvd. #514

Oxnard, CA 93035

Phone: 805.985.3057

Email: onthewater@globalwater.org

Thank you for considering this proposal and my

Best Regards,

Kathleen Kuepper

Program Manager