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Everyone Deserves Clean Water

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Global Water has created a children’s book named Everyone Deserves Clean Water, which has both a humanitarian and science focus. This short book explores a trip a girl named Emily takes to Kenya, Africa and the friendship she makes with Malika, a girl from a village Emily visits. This friendship teaches Emily about the importance of clean water and the struggles that some people in the world have in attaining this most basic necessity.Emily

At the back of the book there are drawings of The Water Cycle and Water Resources with additional text for more thorough information.  This short book was created to share with teachers and parents who would like to educate children on the science of water, common water problems in developing countries including lack of access and poor quality and that everyone has the right to clean water!

Water problems have a profound impact on children because it is children and their mothers that have the responsibility to gather water every day. Due to this time intensive and laborious task, many children are taken out of school and a re not able to continue their studies. Closer access to clean water can relieve women and children from spending a good portion of their day gathering water. Allowing children to return to school, alone, could be a start of significant changes for a village. Mothers would also have time to complete other activities, for example, gardening (improving their nutrition) or making products to sell at markets (business opportunities).There is nothing that comes close to making a positive impact for villagers in the developing world as giving them a safe source of water at their village.

Click below for a copy of the book, Everyone Deserves Clean Water.

 Global Water Children’s Water Book

Everyone Deserves Clean Water


The Water Cycle and Water Resources

The Water Cycle