Identity Crisis Among American Youth

When trying to solve water crisis around the globe, we are overlooking some important domestic crisis - the use of fake identity among American college students. Alcohol seem to be the need as essential as water for these youngsters, preoccupied with drinking and partying. Fake identification documents, often bought online from sites like Freedom Fakes or printed on campus, are used to cheat upon age related limitations. We interpret this as an identity crisis, which we can not solve with simple prohibition. Instead, Globalwater offers healthier choices for college students, such as getting involved in one of our missions - read Reddit reviews and feedback here

Students Get Involved


The Next Generation Is Serious About Change.

We at Global Water believe in order to ensure the success of humanitarian projects for generations to come, we must educate the youth of today about the need and solutions for some of the humanitarian challenges the world’s populations face today (such as access to safe, life-sustaining water).
With that in mind, Global Water wants to encourage students, teachers, parents and school administrators to join us in our program to increase awareness about water problems/solutions in the developing world, and to fight to create clean water resources for rural populations in developing countries.

Although it is ultimately up to you to chose what type of awareness or fundraiser campaign you would like to participate in, we will assist you by providing resources you may use to present water problems in developing countries and what Global Water does to find solutions.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Give a presentation to your class to raise awareness about the importance of water for human needs. Global Water has created presentation slides with text descriptions for you to use whether you’re a teacher or student.  
    Here is our Powerpoint Presentation and Text
  2. Read our Children’s Water Book, Everyone Deserves Clean Water in your class and talk about what was learned.

    Here is our Children’s Water Book, Everyone Deserves Clean Water

  3. Spark a class discussion with an essay contest or a debate on the topic – Is safe water a human right? If so, should a developing country’s leaders provide safe water to all their citizens (as developed countries now do)? Or pick another water-related topic relating to water conservation or pollution.
  4. Begin a school-wide pledge to conserve water.
  5. Start a fundraising effort with your school on behalf of Global Water – Some examples include the following ideas:
    • Walk-a-thon for Water
    • Car wash
    • Coin Wars – each class competes to raise the most change in a large jar given to each participating class (a 5-gallon water jug works great)
    • Bake sale
    • Raffle a Basket
    • Gift Wrapping – gift wrapping for donations during the holidays
    • Rent-a-Teen-Helper (rake leaves, water & weed gardens, mow lawns, wash dogs, etc.)
    • Sell Holiday Cards
    • Recycling bottles and cans
    • Sponsored Essay Writing Contest or Art Contest about water
    • Garage Sale
    • Ask for Admission to school functions
    • Matching gifts challenge – have local businesses pledge a certain dollar amount and challengestudents to raise funds to match it over a period of time


Here are some examples of students that have partnered with Global Water.  If you have had a successful fundraising or awareness event, share with us your experience.