Artists and Musicians Get Involved

The following artists have partnered with Global Water to create awareness of the lack of clean water in developing countries and to support Global Water’s water, sanitation and hygiene facility projects. These artists are passionate about their art and about supporting a worthy cause.


Charmaine Clamor – Water Themed Music Video “Flow”

SK Cothren – Abstract Painter

Personal note from SK Cothren:

Dear Friend,

SK Cothren painting 1I have been pushing words around this paper trying to find a simple way to tell you how much Global Water means to me. I could tell you about how much I have loved painting since 1995, or how many times I’ve been sick from bad water, or all the places I’ve traveled around the world, lured there by the beauty and thrill of water. Or I could tell you that as a mother and teacher, I can’t abide by the idea that there are still children out there who don’t have safe drinking water. It makes me angry. There is no reason for this – clean water is a basic necessity of life. Every human being deserves this right.

SK Cothren painting 2

So what can I, a mere ant in the face of this giant problem do? Honestly, I was overwhelmed and I didn’t know where to start for a long time. And I made it even harder on myself because I realized a little contribution wouldn’t be enough. I want change.

Then I found Global Water and the chance to sponsor a $6,000 well. Paint for Water was born: paintings in exchange for a well. I hope you will choose one of my paintings to enjoy, knowing you will be making a village of people in Tanzania happier and healthier.

From my heart to yours, I wish you joy,

SK Cothren

Abstract Painter



 Deanne Sabeck – Jewel Raindrop Sculptures

Raindrops are precious jewels of nourishment for the earth. Like humans, they are each unique while also part of a greater whole. Water is the most vital resource and a basic necessity for all of life. Yet in many developing countries, poor rural communities don’t have the luxury of having a clean water system to sustain their communities. The intention of the Raindrops Project is to bring into focus, how precious every drop of water really is. Like jewels, these unique hand-blown glass raindrops adorned with dichroic glass mosaic reflect into their environment a life giving vitality.

Ten percent of the sale of each drop goes directly to Global Water, an international non-profit organization founded in 1982 whose focus is creating safe water supplies, sanitation facilities and hygiene-related facilities for rural villagers in developing countries. These projects have an immediate and life-changing impact, especially for the women and children who have the responsibility of gathering water for their families every day of their lives. As Global Water is a volunteer-based organization, virtually all contributions made to the organization go directly into water projects implemented by non-profit organizations in the respective developing countries.

Please enjoy them knowing your contribution has helped a great deal somewhere in the world!

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Christine Destrempes – Water Crises Awareness Sculpture

Primarily a print maker and painter, Destrempes’ work, which is non-representational, always has been informed by the landscape. As her awareness of global water issues grew, she made the decision to make water the theme of all her work. In 2007, she realized that her serene fine art could not communicate all she wanted to say about these important issues and decided to design an installation that illustrated disturbing statistics using the same meditative qualities as her two-dimentional work. Her intention is to engender an appreciation for and stewardship of one of our most precious natural resources – water, as well as inspire advocacy for the disenfranchised who are trying to live without basic needs.

Personal Note from Christine:

My work explores the personality of water.christin D paint 1

I am drawn to water’s capacity for transformation as well as its reflective stillness, seamless adaptability, and proclivity to follow thepath of least resistance. Water is the perfect embodiment of permanence and impermanence. By observing it, there is much to learn about navigating life.

Through my exploration and interpretation of water’s myriad of characteristics and sublime beauty, I hope not only to engender an appreciation for, but also to promote preservation of one of our most precious natural resources.

Several years ago I read that 5 million people die every year from water-related diseases and wondered why there is no alarm sounding.

While the figure haunted me, it felt impossible to imagine. I got my calculator and figured out how many people die every day, every hour, and every minute. Then I realized I had to translate this visually. Currently I am creating an installation about the shrinking availability of clean water using recycled clear plastic water bottle caps to represent each person who dies every day because he or she does not have access to clean water. If you would like to help in the production or know of a venue for the installation, please contact me at

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Sarah Roe – Creating art to help support positive change on this planet

Personal note from Sarah:

My goal as an artist is to create art that touches people’s lives- that inspires them, encourages them, makes them think or smile. Most of my artwork stems from one of my photographs, which I re-work into these modernized interpretations.Sara Roe painting 1

My new “Bring The Change” Collection is all about bringing attention to the problems our world is facing and encouraging people look inside themselves and become a part of the solution.

My artwork is all digital, designed exclusively for printing in very limited editions. It is an important part of my philosophy to offer affordable artwork in small editions so that more people can enjoy unique, non-mass produced artwork in their homes. No more than 100 prints of any of my works will ever be produced.

My artwork is inspired by the beauty and complexity of life. I am constantly awed by nature, its infinite diversity, perseverance and subtle perfection. I love abstraction, color and the freedom of spirit displayed in the artwork of children. Inspiration from all of these elements can be found in my artwork.

I believe strongly in helping those beings in the world who are suffering. It is crucial to me that my artwork help support positive change on this planet. Therefore, every piece of my artwork benefits charities or non-profit organizations working around the globe.

As someone who is passionate about preserving this planet for future generations of all beings, I am working diligently to make my artwork as eco-friendly as possible. Recycled paper or paper from rapidly renewable sources and clean energy are used whenever possible and I am constantly looking for new and creative ways to improve, including printing with soy inks.

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