Instructions to Build Facilities

The following PowerPoint slides show instructions on how to build some of the water, sanitation, and hygiene-related facilities Global Water funds in rural areas of developing countries. These instructions were created by a wonderful NGO we work with in Guatemala, Aqua Para La Salud (Water for Health), and, in particular, it’s founder, Lynn Roberts. Shyam Goswami, a field engineer also volunteered his time to create some of the presentations with Lynn. We want to thank Lynn and Shyam for creating these important instructions that showcase Lynn’s construction methods and his training/teaching expertise.

Over the years, Global Water has been contacted by numerous NGOs and Peace Corp volunteers working around the world interested in constructing water and sanitation facilities shown on our website. Often, these groups and individuals have the desire and passion to want to build needed facilities for the communities they are working with, but lack the construction expertise to actually build such facilities. Therefore, these instructions are being made available here so anyone can learn how to build these worthwhile and needed facilities. If you are a Peace Corps volunteer or member of an NGO and need additional information or explanation relating to the building of these facilities, please contact us at Global Water to discuss.


Ferro_Cement_Water_Tank cover

     Ferro-Cement Water Storage Tank

     – 5 Cubic Meter (5,000 Liters / 1,300 Gallons)


Hand_Washing_Station cover

     Hand Washing Stations (Lavamanos)

– Wall Style with 8 faucets


2- CA

     Spring Catchment System

– Spring Box


Latrines cover


– Five Cabin Latrine

5 - CA

     Gray Water Seepage Pits