Identity Crisis Among American Youth

When trying to solve water crisis around the globe, we are overlooking some important domestic crisis - the use of fake identity among American college students. Alcohol seem to be the need as essential as water for these youngsters, preoccupied with drinking and partying. Fake identification documents, often bought online from sites like Freedom Fakes or printed on campus, are used to cheat upon age related limitations. We interpret this as an identity crisis, which we can not solve with simple prohibition. Instead, Globalwater offers healthier choices for college students, such as getting involved in one of our missions - read Reddit reviews and feedback here

Our Team

Global Water Board of Directors

martin beyer photoDr. Martin G. Beyer was an Associate Professor of Community and Preventative Medicine for International Health at New York Medical College, and an Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Public Health Engineers (London). He was a consultant for international development in the field of water supply, sanitation and hygiene for developing countries. He was also a director of WorldWater International, a company working towards developing new water resources, as well as developing new technologies for the use of solar energy. Mr. Beyer retired in 1990 after 20 years in the service of the United Nations working with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In particular, from 1973 to 1989 he was a Senior Adviser to UNICEF, responsible for coordinating the organization’s water supply and sanitation effort worldwide. Dr. Beyer was also a Chairman for the UN Intersecretariat Group on Water Resources and Chairman of the Advisory Panel to the UNDP Global Project for the development and test & evaluation of water well hand-pumps.

Ambassador1 photoU. S. Ambassador John McDonald is a lawyer, diplomat, development expert, and peacemaker, concerned with the World’s social, economic, and ethnic problems. He spent 20 years of his career working for the U. S. State Department in Western Europe and the Middle East in a wide variety of assignments in the area of multi-lateral diplomacy. In addition, he worked another 16 years representing the U. S. in various capacities on United Nations affairs, including coordinator of the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade. He has taught at several colleges and universities during his career and has been president of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, which focuses on ethnic conflicts around the world. In 1992, he was named a Distinguished Visiting Professor at George Mason University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. He was twice appointed Ambassador by President Carter and was appointed by President Reagan to represent the U. S. at various United Nation World Conferences. Ambassador McDonald is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Water.

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IMG_0514 (2)-1Dr. Peter Bourne is a former Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations where he was appointed coordinator of the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade. He was an advisor and consultant for numerous governmental and private organizations, including Special Assistant to the President of the United States for health issues. He has taught and chaired medical-related departments at several Universities in the U. S. and has published an extensive array of books, articles, and book chapters over the past 35 years. Dr. Bourne is an advisor on health issues to the Carter Presidential Center, and is Chairman of the American Association for World Health.

IMG_3018Dr. Randall Donohue is Professor of Global Business and MBA program director at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. As an educator and consultant, he has a special interest in social entrepreneurship and market-based strategies for sustainable development. In the 1970s, Dr. Donohue and his wife served as U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers in India, where they worked as village extension agents in horticulture and nutrition. They quickly learned how water would be the key to alleviating poverty, hunger and disease in the village. In 1979, Dr. Donohue was appointed by the Governor of the State of Washington to manage the State’s first overseas trade office in Singapore. He went on to serve as Asia Regional Director in the U.S. Agricultural Trade Office, supervising programs and personnel in 14 countries. Dr. Donohue has extensive contacts and experience in the Asia-Pacific region, and is an active member of the National Peace Corps Association.

my photoDr. M. Julie Kim is a civil engineer with 25 years of experience in infrastructure development and implementation projects in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific region, with a special focus on transport and large-scale property development projects. Dr. Kim’s experience extends to all phases of project development process—from the initial planning phase through design, construction, and operations phases. In Asia-Pacific region, Dr. Kim has hands-on work experience in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. In addition to her project management and business development capabilities, her technical expertise includes: econometric modeling, linear programming and optimization, master planning, facility programming, as well as operations and infrastructure security.

ted photoMr. T. A. Kuepper, REM is an environmental engineer and a Registered Environmental Manager. His technical experience has included developing water supply equipment ranging from freshwater treatment to seawater desalination, as well as mobile hygienic systems. In a 30 year career as an Environmental Engineer, he has directed and participated in numerous water treatment and seawater desalination projects with a focus on designs that require minimal maintenance for long-term operation. Particular applications for his water treatment designs have included remote locations for the U.S. military, as well as rural areas of developing countries.

Chris_KunzeMr. Christopher Kunze has a degree from the University of Southern California, an MBA from the University of California – Los Angeles, and a Certificate in Air Transportation Management from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. His work experience includes resource, business enterprise and project management as a commercial airport manager for the past 34 years, and prior to that as a management consultant and management systems engineer in the aerospace industry. Mr. Kunze is the treasurer of Global Water and also supports Global Water in the execution of strategic planning and project management, as well as development of special projects.

jens photoDr. Jens W. Schulze is a Professor of Marketing at the Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen, a University in Germany. He holds degrees in both Chemistry (Ph.D.) and economics (MBA). Before beginning his University teaching career, Dr. Schulze’s business endeavors included working on numerous international projects that incorporated mobile water purification systems. These projects also included sanitation and hygiene equipment for developing countries. His focus at the University is to explore the relationship between what is technically possible compared to what is economically feasible.


Reverend Karen Dickman, MAIPCR is a mediator/conflict professional registered with the United Nations as a Mediator for water related conflicts.  She serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Millennium Water Alliance.  She also has extensive restorative justice experience working with people with AIDS, mental illnesses, ex-offenders, victims of violent crimes, and in jails and prisons.

Technical Advisory Committee

Dr. Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D.

  • University of Arizona Microbiology & Immunology
and Soil, Water & Environmental Science
  • Technical Support: Microbiology

Mr. Philip Kao        

Electrical Engineer
  • Technical Support: Solar Power and Electrical Water Pumps

Mr. Richard McNichol

  • Geologist/Groundwater Specialist
  • Technical Support: Well Drilling and Water Well Pump Specialist

Mr. James Perlow

  • Geologist
  • Technical Support: Well Drilling and Water Well Pumps

Dr. Steven T. Ruggiero, Ph.D.

  • University of Notre Dame, Physics
  • Technical Support: Condensed-Matter, Water Assaying, and Biological Physics

Mr. Mark A. Silbernagel

  • Test Director, Seawater Desalination Test Facility, Port Hueneme, California
  • Technical Support: Seawater Desalination / Other Water Treatment Processes

Mr. Devon F. Ayres

  • State of CA Professional Geologist (PG) No. 7197, Hydrogeologist
  • Technical Support: Wellsite & Spring Location Siting & Identification, Well & Pump Design & Optimization, Drilling & Well Completion