Identity Crisis Among American Youth

When trying to solve water crisis around the globe, we are overlooking some important domestic crisis - the use of fake identity among American college students. Alcohol seem to be the need as essential as water for these youngsters, preoccupied with drinking and partying. Fake identification documents, often bought online from sites like Freedom Fakes or printed on campus, are used to cheat upon age related limitations. We interpret this as an identity crisis, which we can not solve with simple prohibition. Instead, Globalwater offers healthier choices for college students, such as getting involved in one of our missions - read Reddit reviews and feedback here

Our Sponsors

Thank You to all those who have donated to Global Water’s Water Supply Fund!

For the first time in their lives, comm they don’t have to worry if their water is safe to drink; that’s a wonderful gift that no one in the developing world takes for granted.

Without these donations we couldn’t begin to help those living their lives with unsafe water.  With your  help, we’re changing the world – one village at a time.

cars donation logo

Charitable Auto Resources, Inc. (CARS™)

CARS is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations raise funds through successful car donation programs. Their used vehicle donation program is turning everything from clunkers to classic cars into cash for many worthy causes across the country. Global Water has partnered with CARS to enable anyone to sell their car, truck, RV, boat and other vehicles on behalf of Global Water.

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Randomkid works to educate, mobilize, unify and empower youth, nationally and internationally, in order to directly impact a broad spectrum of local, national and global needs. The RandomKid Water Project was developed by kids and encourages organized groups to participate by selling bottled water with private labels designed by the group. A portion of this amazing project funds Global Water projects.

CFC logo            Combined Federal Campaign

Global Water is a member of the Latin America Fund within the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Federal workers can donate to Global Water’s projects in Central and South America by choosing Global Water as one of their non-profit recipients. Thank you, Federal workers for your support.

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Puretec Industrial Water

For every softener tank exchanged, Puretec Industrial Water donates to Global Water to help poor communities in Central America. This help includes the creation of new wells and surface water sources allowing rural populations access to safe, clean water, often for the first time in their lives. Whenever Puretec’s customers use their service, their customers know that they’re helping disadvantaged people around the world. Being in the water industry themselves, Puretec hopes to provide water to people around the globe to a standard that we in the United States take for granted. What a great thought that is!

love bottle logo       Love Bottle, Co.

Love Bottle, Co. manufactures reusable glass water bottles made partially from recycled glass with a ceramic swing top lid. Their bottles are available in a variety of designs so each customer can find a bottle that reflects their personality. Their mission is to spread love, improve health, help the environment by reducing plastic water bottle consumption and to get clean water to people who need it. Love Bottle believes that every human being deserves the right to clean water and has joined with Global Water by donating a portion of their proceeds to help make this belief a reality. This glass water bottle is good for the planet and good for you!

basta logo               BASTA Surf

Basta Surf is a collection of swimwear for today’s modern woman. Their dual fabric technology allows for the suit to feel great on your skin, stay in place during activities, and look amazing. A portion of every purchase is donated to Global Water.

c360_2012-09-21-07-34-52-1           Oasis Water Company LLC

Drink Water. Give Water. Oasis Water and Global Water have collaborated in the Water for Africa Campaign in an effort to construct wells for rural villages across Africa.  Oasis Water believes that safe and healthy water is a basic human right and has joined Global Water by donating a portion of their proceeds to help make this pledge a reality.